ELS provides a wide range of services to assist organizations, state and local school systems and their partners, principals, and teachers in meeting their environmental literacy goals.



  • Designing and implementing education and outreach programs
  • Standards based curriculum development, in-class to the field, with an emphasis on inquiry and systems thinking (cross cutting themes)
  • Connecting schools to outdoor learning spaces
  • Professional development for teachers on conducting outdoor experiences, integrated into the classroom and ending in student action and community engagement projects
  • Professional development for principals, administrators and school boards on building school system support
  • Developing and implementing school system wide environmental literacy plans
  • Connect schools to external partners and funding
  • Organizations recognize education programs create outreach into families and communities, expanding constituencies and strengthening programs, and broaden fundraising
  • Students find outdoor investigations fun and engaging and they become better learners, increasing achievement in all disciplines
  • Teachers find project based learning instruction using environmental issues, and the real life context of the outdoors, an excellent pathway to teach the standards, the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards
  • Principals find outdoor activities modeling healthy lifestyles, becoming authentic platforms for the entire curriculum, allowing students to make connections, and promoting a well rounded student
  • School more effectively meet environmental literacy goals



What we provide:

  • Consult with organizations on developing an environmental education initiative, starting with a dream and ending with a fully developed program, that could include buildings and infrastructure
  • Consult with organizations and school systems on:
    • training teachers to create their own field investigations
    • training teachers to identify outdoor classroom areas withing walking distance of their school
    • training mentor teachers, principals and leadership teams to create an environmental literacy culture
    • training service providers to better integrate into the curriculum
  • Consult with school systems on embedding environmental education and outdoor experiences in the curriculum, providing successful national models
  • Consult with school systems on reviewing their Environmental Literacy Plan, create a gap analysis and recommendations for improving the plan

In addition to these sample services ELS can build teams of experts across the country on virtually any environmental education programmatic need that works to connect the classroom to outdoor instruction.

Contact us for more information, or to discuss a project.