ELS provides leadership training and support services for individuals and teams from public, private, education and non profit institutions to create game changing opportunities for the environment.



  • Inspiring, educating and growing leaders, and building teams, through shared outdoor experiential learning, on-site workshops and off-site retreats
  • Leaders can learn how to create education programs, reduce environmental footprint, save money, energizing workforce, and create jobs
  • Leaders become change agents within their entities
  • Leaders are encouraged to create a vision, and a strategic plan to implement
  • Build a strong team around developing an outdoor environmental education program
  • Address an environmental issue by building trust and cooperation among those leaders that can make a difference
  • Sharpen your environmental credentials, and strengthen your brand
  • Engage and equip today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to turn environmental challenges into opportunities
  • Create an enlightened environmental culture in your institution and community
  • Environmental sustainability is good business



What we provide:

  • Courses are designed specifically for sponsoring organizations.  All involve a leadership pathway that includes a signature outdoor experiential learning adventure, and follow up training, and may include leadership development, coaching, expanding the leadership network
  • Courses can be tailored for an institution, theme or a region. Participants are leaders or emerging leaders of an organization, and could include elected and appointed officials, agency staff, corporate executives, and education and non profit leaders
  • Courses are designed with a particular objective, such as enhancing education or environmental programs, and usually result in an action plan
  • Leadership adventures are day long or multiple day, and include sea kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, sailing and rafting. Leaders are connected to their local environment, while learning and building teams
  • ELS pulls from a wide range of experts to facilitate the leadership training.  For example, leadership trainers on the Chesapeake Bay include education and communication experts, local environmental officials, state and federal policy experts, scientists and conservation leaders
  • ELS is available for follow-up experiences and training other leaders in your space


Contact us for more information, or to discuss a project.